Why a Land Rover?


It all started in the last half of 2001.  The Subaru 4wd minivan was walking on it last legs. The Vauxhall didn't make the MOT either.... We where looking al while for a new car. The Mazda demio, Toyota Yaris Versie and the Honda HRV where my favorits.  But, the I got a South African travel magazine, with a picture of a white 110, with roofrack, sitesteps....  And then you know, There is no way back. Till great horror of my girlfriend who saw the most ugliest car she had ever seen....   After a brief orientation a found out that a new one is very expensive. And an old one is mostly very old....   I figured out, there where two options.  A brand new one, who cost a lot but last very long an would comply to new enviromental laws. It also had an electronic engine management system. As an electronic engineer I liked that.  The second option was an ex MOD 110 from the UK, complete strip down, and new engine, running gear, new seats and all the problems to get it legally execepted in the Netherlands.    I choose for the first option.     After a few years I regret my choice a little.  The new one rusted just as hard and due to some minor changes in the Dutch Road tax system I have to pay the first price for the rest of my life, or at least the cars life....