I was looking for space for the second battery, and I came to the conclusion that the ECU and main fusebox had to be relocated. I needed the space under the right front seat for the large and have batteries. The plan is to build a 10cm high enclosure between the cubbybox and the floor under the seats. Al the wiring is running under this floor, so it is easely movable to the new compartment. Another advantage is that het electronics are placed higher in the vehicle and less senstive for water and moisture.



De original position of the parts to be moved to a higher place. The Black box, upper left is the main fusebox. The little black one, with the pink, black and yellow plugs is the ABS-ECU. The big aluminium one is the Engine-ECU. On the upper side are also some aux. relays and the fuses from the webasto heater.



The space between the two front seats, where the new compartment has to be made. The wooden thing on het left is the underside of the cubbybox. I remove the two pieces of timber, so with a new compartmentheigt of 10cm, the cubby only gets 5cm higher. The wiringloom you see, is a temporarely one. The final one, wil run under the vehicle.



There is a lot of room above the transferbox, but in the future I wil fit an overdrive. so I wil don't lower the new compartment under the blue sheeting. The black tubes are the wires to the fusebox and ECU. This is very nice, so I don't have to make the wiring longer. I have just to bend them up.



This is the mess you get when you removes the ecu's, main fusebox and pull back the grommets from the compartment under the passenger side chair. (for LHD defenders)
I just pulled the cables back, I only haved to made an extension for three wires for the alarmsensor.



This is the new feedthrough This aluminium panel is 4mm thick and the new base where the ecus are mounted. The rectangular cutt out on the right is for the underside of the main fuse box. I mounted later a small box to close it from the outside/undersite.



The final mounting plate The delta shaped wing is for mounting the ABS ECU.



puzzling to fit the different modules led to this configuration.



The two holes are for 12V auxilliary power connectors. The small blower is for air circulation in the compartment.



Final fitting of the new compartment



The compartment is closed by a aluminium lid with has a hole to acces the main fusebox.





The cubby box mounted on the new compartment. The cubbybox comes a few cm's heigher than before The original wooden supports are removed from the cubbybox.




The rearside of the compartment.